Walk sections

The GeoWalk is divided into 14 Walk Sections, each of which can be downloaded and used in the field. GPX files are also available for those who prefer to navigate using mapping software (but note their download can be problematic, so if it doesn’t work, try using another browser).

Section 1

Matlock to Winster

20km  7-8hrs  Ascent 590m

Section 2

Winster to Parsley Hay

18km  6-7hrs  Ascent 305m

Section 3

Parsley Hay to Milldale

15km  4-5hrs Ascent 35m

Section 4

Milldale to Wetton Mill

15km  5-6hrs  Ascent 170m

Section 5

Wetton Mill to Upper Hulme

12km  4-5hrs  Ascent 350m

Section 6

Upper Hulme to Flash

16km  6-7hrs  Ascent 570m

Section 7

Flash to Brierlow Bar

12km  4-5hrs  Ascent 380m

Section 8

Brierlow Bar to Tideswell

14km  5-6hrs  Ascent 240m

Section 9

Tideswell to Edale

16km  6-7hrs  Ascent 490m

Section 10

Edale to Birchen Clough Bridge

16km  6-7hrs  Ascent 510m

Section 11

Birchen Clough Bridge to Fairholmes

11km  4-5hrs  Ascent 290m

Section 12

Fairholmes to Upper Burbage Bridge

18km  6-7hrs  Ascent 530m

Section 13

Upper Burbage Bridge to Robin Hood Inn

15km  5-6hrs  Ascent 230m

Section 14

Robin Hood Inn to Matlock

16km 5-6hrs  Ascent 270m